The Neurography Institute

The Neurography Institute, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, is the exclusive licensee of neurography scanning technology worldwide. Our Atlanta location conducts neurography scans under license from The Neurography Institute.

The Neurography Institute was founded in May 2000 to serve as the exclusive licensee and provider of the patented MR neurography medical scanning technology. Only facilities identified as Nerve Scan Centers of The Neurography Institute offer genuine neurography scans employing the patented technologies licensed by the company. For a complete list of licensed neurography scanning locations, click here.

The Neurography Institute serves thousands of patients worldwide each year, conducting specialized scans and providing their physicians with expert readings of the results that help determine the best course of action for the patient’s condition.

Invented by Dr. Aaron G. Filler, MD Phd, and protected by United States patents numbered 5,560,360 (awarded October 1, 1996) and 5,706,813 (awarded January 13, 1998), MR neurography is a specialized form of medical scanning using magnetic resonance imaging to see otherwise “invisible” soft tissues of the nervous system.

Corporate contact information:

The Neurography Institute
2716 Ocean Park Blvd., Suite 3035
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Visit the main Neurography Institute website at

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The Nerve Scan Center of Atlanta offers genuine magnetic resonance neurography scans.

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