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Developed in the early 1990s by a team of researchers lead by Neurography Institute founder and chief of clinical services Dr. Aaron G. Filler, MD PhD), magnetic resonance neurography is a unique and proprietary scanning technology that is covered by patents worldwide, and is licensed exclusively to The Neurography Institute.

Protected by United States patents numbered 5,560,360 (awarded October 1, 1996) and 5,706,813 (awarded January 13, 1998) – and many others worldwide, listed here – magnetic resonance neurography is a specialized form of medical scanning using magnetic resonance imaging to see otherwise “invisible” soft tissues of the nervous system.

Many standard MRI scanning stations can be configured with a non-licensed version of the proprietary technology that enables MR neurography scans. As a result, a number of locations purport to offer “neurography” scans when in reality, they do not. Here is why.

  1. A genuine magnetic resonance neurography scan is only possible with the actual patented magnetic “pulse sequence” emitted by a specially configured MRI scanning station. Those claiming to offer “neurography” scans without a license from The Neurography Institute are not using the proprietary pulse sequence and other configurations that are the intellectual property of The Neurography Institute. The result: inaccurate or even worthless scans.
  2. The scan is only one part of the process – the other, and arguably even more important element, is the professional capability of the radiologists and neurosurgeons reading the scan to provide an accurate diagnosis. With a genuine MR neurography scan from The Neurography Institute, you can be assured your scan will be accurately captured and more important, accurately read by qualified personnel who then communicate their diagnosis with your physician or surgeon.

Our Birmingham location offers genuine magnetic resonance neurography scans. All scans are read, interpreted and diagnosed by the radiologists and neurosurgeons of The Neurography Institute. You can rest assured that your scanning experience at Birmingham will not only be comfortable, pain-free and radiation-free, but that it will also be the real thing – a genuine MR neurography from The Neurography Institute.

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