Accuracy in Diagnosis

It’s a common complaint: a patient suffers from “back pain,” has surgery, and the outcome is zero change – or a worsened condition. The diagnosis and surgery were well intentioned but in many cases were simply a misdiagnosis of the real issue – nerve pain. Even worse is the modern trend of using “pain blocks” – injections of one or more agents into a general pain location – in order to provide some degree of relief. Unfortunately, the reality can often be the opposite.

Magnetic resonance neurography represents the next generation in nerve pain-related diagnosis success. Because neurography can image normally invisible nerve tissue (using an exclusive, patented “pulse sequence” on a modified MRI scanning station), nerve-related pains are much more effectively diagnosed in this manner.

But it’s much more than just the scan – it’s also the expert capability of the medical professional reading those scans which leads to more accuracy in diagnosis. At The Neurography Institute, all neurography scans are read by the industry’s most seasoned radiologists and neurosurgeons. This means your scan passes through a rigorous examination and diagnosis process, resulting in an unparalleled level of diagnosis accuracy.

Cutting-edge medical imaging technology plus the industry’s leading professionals providing your scan read and diagnosis – it’s the combination that more physicians and surgeons trust in today’s medical landscape.

Take control of your nerve condition now with a genuine MR neurography scan from The Neurography Institute. Our Atlanta location is ready to receive your appointment request; simply complete the form below. (If you are from another region, please click here to visit the main site.)

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