What is Neurography?

Neurography is a special MRI scan that images normally invisible nerve tissue, enabling an accurate diagnosis and treatment of your nerve problem. Only the Nerve Scan Centers of The Neurography Institute – including our facility in Atlanta- offers genuine MR neurography scans.

For years, treating nerve-related conditions was extremely difficult due to the fact that traditional medical imaging solutions – x-ray, CT scans, and even MRIs – simply could not visualize nerve tissue. Even solutions that involved using tracing agents could not provide physicians and surgeons with the quality of information they need to make informed diagnoses and then treat the issue accurately.

Everything changed with the development of magnetic resonance neurography in the early 1990s by a team of researchers that included Dr. Aaron G. Filler, MD PhD (founder and chief of clinical services for The Neurography Institute). Now, previously difficult-to-diagnose conditions such as piriformis syndrome, pudendal nerve entrapment, brachial plexus syndrome and thoracic outlet syndrome are clearly identified using the neurography scanning technique – resulting in thousands of successful outcomes from accurately guided surgical and even non-surgical interventions.

Best of all, unlike x-ray and CT scans, MR neurography is completely radiation-free and 100% safe. Using a patented pulse sequence, neurography is very much like a regular MRI scan: the patient lays on a scanning bed and is placed under or inside the MRI magnet for a prescribed period of time required to capture the necessary neurographic image. There is no pain, no discomfort and absolutely no dangerous radiation. Most procedures are completed in less than an hour.

Once a neurographic study has been completed by the scanning center, the imagery is instantly and securely (using HIPPA-compliant technology) transmitted to The Neurography Institute’s headquarters in Santa Monica, California, where the scans are reviewed by our team of renown radiologists and neurosurgeons. A diagnosis is then made based on the information provided in the scan, and this information is communicated to the patient’s physician or surgeon for follow-up treatment.

For those who have suffered for years with nerve pain, MR neurography represents the first step in a process that can result in a pain-free lifestyle. Take command of your treatment today. Complete the form below to request an appointment at our Atlanta Nerve Scan Center.

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The Nerve Scan Center of Atlanta offers genuine magnetic resonance neurography scans.

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