Piriformis Syndrome-Sciatica

The sensation is all too real and often debilitating: constant pain or throbbing in the buttocks or down one or both legs. Millions suffer from the condition commonly known as “sciatica” – owing to the sciatic nerve passing from the spine, through the pelvis and down each leg. And each year in the United States alone, more than 1.5 million people have lumbar MRI scans to find the cause of this buttock and leg pain.

Yet amazingly, more than 1.2 million of those scans fail to find the cause in the spine.

Three hundred thousand of the scans are sufficiently positive that the patient undergoes lumbar spine surgery. And of those 300,000 surgeries, as many as 25% fail to relieve the pain – in many cases because the diagnosis of a spinal cause for the sciatica was incorrect.

Neurography image of piriformis syndrome diagnosis

Neurography image of piriformis syndrome diagnosis

Piriformis syndrome also causes sciatica. Piriformis syndrome is a nerve-related condition where the symptoms include similar radiating, throbbing buttock and leg pain associated with regular lumbar-related sciatica.

Yet piriformis syndrome cannot be relieved with lumbar-spine back surgery; in fact, treatments for piriformis syndrome are generally much less invasive and severe than the treatment of herniated lumbar disks. However, many doctors never consider piriformis syndrome as a possible diagnosis. Many physicians who are aware of it are uncertain how to properly diagnose and treat it.

Magnetic neurography scans from The Neurography Institute can accurately diagnose piriformis syndrome. If you believe you may be suffering from piriformis syndrome or are experiencing sciatica-like symptoms which are not being relieved by lumbar-disc-related strategies, consider having an MR neurography study completed at our Atlanta facility.

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